4 Simple steps to Avoid, or Treat and Overcome Coronavirus

Yes, Stephen too…
  • Stay home when you are sick and get plenty of rest.
  • Treat the cough and aches with over the counter medication.
  • Use a humidifier and relax in steamy baths/showers.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash (or cough into your elbow or shoulder if you don’t have a tissue handy).
Photo by Kelly Sikkema
  • feel quite ill, and are worried about it and/or
  • if you’re also above 50, and/or
  • if you also have a medical condition such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or lung disease, and/or
  • You’ve also been in close proximity to someone who’s known to have COVID-19 or traveled from an area with ongoing spread of COVID-19
Try a Telehealth consult first before going to see a doctor live



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Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman


Inventor, investor, serial technology & healthcare entrepreneur, Stanford lecturer. Constant learning smiling and caring for others help me remain an optimist