Hindsigh(t) 2020

Ron Gutman
3 min readDec 25, 2020


The year to remember and the people to (not) forget

2020 was definitely one to remember! Change seems to have been the only constant this year, and chaos became just a “New Normal” 😅 Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with multiple vaccines approved and now administered to healthcare workers and the elderly, I thought it might be a good time for to embark on an (almost) nostalgic hindsight-2020 journey (or shall I say hindsigh 2020 😉)

What Started in January as a Novel Coronavirus Epidemic in China moved in lightning speed and turned into a full scale COVID-19 Pandemic 🦠 everywhere (AKA “The Vid” “The Rona”). We went into lockdowns 🔐 to “shelter in place,” and TP hoarding and OCD hand washing (while singing Happy Birthday to You 🎶) became commonplace. Home schooling 👩🏻‍🎓 and WFH (working from home) 🏡 are the new norm, and almost without notice, our homes turned into restaurants 🥘 🍽 gyms 🏋 office spaces 🤓 and (aspirational) resorts 🌴 hahaha. And to make sure that fashion doesn’t lag behind, our C-19 dress code has been “business-(very)-casual (i.e., T-shirts, facial hair, and sweatpants 🩳) and the best of it — under-dressing is not just acceptable — but actually expected!

Lockdowns turned every day into “Blursday” 📅 and sometimes it still feels like it’s still the 175th of April! But our spirit, our resilience, and our creativity remained super robust (most of the time ;) and we quickly invented “quaranteams” and went back to meeting people (on Zoooooom, of course) and to having COvideo parties while learning to avoid “Zoombombings”💥! We installed hand sanitizers (everywhere), stayed 6 feet apart, bumped elbows, opened testing stations everywhere (the new “neighborhood hangouts”), and even introduced contact tracing and PPE gadgets of all shapes, flavors, and colors 🧤 😷 🥽 to flatten the curve 📈 and make (small) gatherings (barely) possible again! And finally, just before the year came to an end, our brave scientists were able to put our mRNA to work and made a killer 90% effective vaccine 💉 that’s coming very soooooooon to a pharmacy near you! Exactly in time for the Holidays we can now (fingers crossed 🤞) start breathing again 🙂 But wait (!) the Holiday Season is also a good time to remember the people who have suffered most this year, and unfortunately many of them still are. Among the too many who are, I found online a few addresses of elderly care homes, and have sent a bunch of Holiday cards with big smiles to the dear seniors who live in them. I’ve never met these grandmas and grandpas but still wanted to show them that someone cares about them now that they’re so isolated, and do my best to bring smiles to their faces :) Here are a few additional addresses* I found that anyone can use to send a Happy New Year card to these grandmas and grandpas who are not with their families this Holiday Season. Feel free to send them, or other wonderful people who are still locked down and need love more than ever before, your best wishes right from the heart. It’s so easy to do and will help them feel the warmth of the Holiday Season that we’re all so fortunate and blessed to

From the “super spreader” (of smiles, luckily ;) to you and your loved ones, I’m sending big “air hugs” for happy, warm, safe, and healthy Holidays 😊♥️

Send them your love!

Chartwell Langley Gardens Retirement Residence 8888 202 St, Langley City, BC V1M 4A7, Canada

Happy Holidays :)

Heartis Clear Lake Assisted Living. 14520 TX-3, Webster, TX 77598 USA



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