Unveiling New Ingredients for a Good Life

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  • Brook and Daughters: Corie Brooks farms 5 acres in Forestville CA
  • Everything Under the Sun: Bill Crepps farms 28 acres comprise 5 plots of land in Winters CA
  • Tierra Vegetables Sonoma: Brother-and-sister team, Wayne and Lee James farm 28 acres in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg CA
  • Star Route Farms: Annabelle Lenderink farms 100 acres in Bolinas CA
  • Marin Roots Farm: Jesse and Moira Kuhn farm 35 acres in Petaluma CA
  • Capay Organics: Noah Barnes and Thaddeus and Freeman Barsotti farm 500 acres in Yolo County, 165 acres in Central Valley, and 200 acres in the Imperial Valley CA
  • Brokaw Ranches: Hank and Ellen Brokaw farm 200 acres in Santa Paula and Soledad CA
  • Frog Hollow Farms: Al Courchesne farms 133 acres in Brentwood CA
  • Dirty Girl Produce: Joe Schirmer farms 32 acres in Watsonville CA
  • Heirloom Organic Gardens: Grant Brians farms 310 acres in the Hollister area CA
  • K&J Orchards: Kalayada Ammatya and her two daughters, Aomboon (“Boonie”) and Onanong (“Ona”) farm 104 acres in Winters CA
  • Phil Foster Ranches San Benito County: Phil and Katherine Foster farm 250 acres on two ranches near San Juan Bautista and Hollister CA
  • Rebecca’s: Baking gluten free, sugar free, vegan pastries in Santa Cruz CA
  • Seaquoia: Harvesting Wild California Kelp to Nourish Life on Earth. Santa Cruz CA
  • acknowledge it
  • reflect about it (with self-compassion and without getting upset)
  • “Surf the urge” by letting some time pass between the impulse to act on the distraction immediately, and the actual thoughtful delayed action.
  • 10 percent of all U.S. deaths are due to medical error
  • medical error is the third most common cause of death in the U.S.
  1. Stay Focused (Chrome browser extension)
  2. Forest app
  3. Self Control (Desktop app)
  4. Time Guard app



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Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman

Inventor, investor, serial technology & healthcare entrepreneur, Stanford lecturer. Constant learning smiling and caring for others help me remain an optimist